Ankle Fractures


Austin Ankle Associates specializes in fractures of the ankle and foot, some of the most common orthopaedic injuries.

Ankle fractures usually result from twisting injuries to the ankle or falls. They are one of the most commonly seen orthopaedic injuries. They also come in many varieties or patterns. There are 3 main boney areas around the ankle that can fracture along with several ligaments which may be torn at the time of injury. They can occur in isolation or in many combinations and vary widely in the amount of displacement of the injury due to the fracture and/or ligament tears. After the injury it is common to have pain, bruising and swelling. Reduction of any displacement by a physician, immobilization in a splint or boot, and elevation of the foot is very important in the first few days after the injury and helps to alleviate the symptoms of pain and swelling. It is important to visit with an orthopaedic surgeon as soon as possible after the injury to determine if surgery is recommended.


At times, with mild fractures, your surgeon may recommend non-operative treatment which may include wearing a cast or boot with or without restrictions on weight bearing on the injured leg. More commonly, surgery is recommeded in order to restore the alignment of the fractures and the ankle joint. The timing of surgery after the injury is ideally as soon as possible after the swelling has subsided. This will be determined by your surgeon and elevating the foot as much as possible is important. After surgery, usually a splint and/or cast is worn for a variable amount of time and it is important to not bear any weight on that extremity for about 6 weeks. Physical therapy may be required to improve range of motion and strengthening. Austin Ankle Associates specializes in trauma of the ankle and foot.

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Ankle Fracture