At Austin Ankle Associates, the kind words of appreciation our patients have shared mean a lot to us. Helping them better their lives is our priority.

A few words from our patients.

We love our patients and it shows from the feedback and testimonials received almost daily. From initial consultation to post-operative counseling and guidance, we strive to give our patients the best care and support in the industry.


“My experience with Austin Ankle Associates was nothing but positive. I met Dr. Stockton the very night of my injury, and he treated me with the utmost care and concern then and afterward. Because of the nature of my injury, I made several trips to see Dr. Stockton, enough to get to know everyone in his office. The entire staff at Austin Ankle Associates made me feel like one of the family, from providing early morning coffee to making me feel at ease in the waiting room. My surgery and recovery went smoothly, and I received in-depth explanations about the entire process and had all my questions answered, including an honest and upfront discussion of potential complications. I feel so blessed to have had Dr. Stockton as my surgeon and to have been taken care of by a staff so dedicated treating their patients with such personal care.”
Sarah – Dripping Springs, Texas


“I became a new patient of Austin Ankle Associates in November of 2013 and had surgery performed to correct a bunion and several joints fused together to ease arthritis pain. Dr. Stockton performed the surgery and saw me for my follow-up office visits. I am very pleased with the excellent care I received from him and the staff and Austin Ankle. He provided me with information to understand the procedures I would be experiencing, answered my questions and put all my concerns to rest. I am 73 years old so you know I had plenty of questions! I had no complications following surgery or during my follow-up care. The office staff is accommodating and friendly, and they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome from the moment you arrive. I am so happy I chose Austin Ankle, and with another foot that needs treatment in the future, I won’t hesitate to call them again when the time comes.”
Carole – Bastrop, Texas


“I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery. From the very beginning I felt that my concerns were taken seriously and I have been treated with care and respect. I love the staff! Everyone has been so kind, attentive and helpful. Dr. Stockton took a genuine interest in my well-being and recovery. I would highly recommend Austin Ankle Associates to my family and closest friends. I know that at some point in the future I’ll have to have surgery on my other foot, and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”
Jacquelyn – Austin, Texas


“After seeing a different doctor and having had a bad experience, a family member suggested I see Dr. Dalton. I immediately fell in love with all the staff. They are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Dalton helped me understand my treatment options and explained my surgeries completely. I was never nervous and felt like he wasn’t just my doctor but was a friend as well. I am happy to say that my ankle is doing very well almost three years post surgery. I look forward to my annual follow up so I can see my buddies at the Austin Ankle Associates office!”
Ashley – Kyle, Texas


“I met Dr. Dalton in 2009 and he became my hero. For years I had tried everything to ease the pain in my left ankle. I had been wearing a boot for two years just so I could walk. My insurance provider wanted me to have my ankle fused, but I felt like that would just cause me further ankle pain as well as backpain. Dr. Dalton helped convince the insurance company that the only surgery that would give me substantial relief going forward would be a total ankle replacement. Dr. Dalton’s expert surgery and care gave me a good quality of life again, and I’m still doing great with no pain, the ability to walk, hike and enjoy every day. I had interviewed three other orthopedic surgeons and did not feel comfortable until I met with Dr. Dalton and his staff. They listened to me and assisted me greatly in my struggles with the insurance company. I highly recommend Dr. Dalton and his team.”
Janice – Austin, Texas


“I could not be happier with the results of my surgery. Dr. Stockton far exceeded my expectations! I have had bunions since middle school and have always been self-conscious because of them. I wondered what my feet would look like if they were “normal” but didn’t know such a surgery existed until my a family member told me about it. After learning about the surgery, I knew I wanted to go to a surgeon who was “the best of the best” since healthy feet are so critical to everyday life. An Austin surgeon we know had gone through residency with Dr. Stockton, and recommended him as top notch.

At my consultation I was already sold on the idea of the surgery and knew that I was in good hands, so I scheduled my surgery right then for the following week. Recovery was just as Dr. Stockton had described it, so I had no surprises. I went in for my post-op appointment 6days later and could not wait for the bandages to come off and for my new foot to be revealed. When the bandages came off I was simply amazed with the outcome. Albeit swollen and bruised, I was blown away by the alteration. I am still amazed every time I look down and see my new and improved foot! I can’t wait to have my other foot fixed in a few months. I most definitely recommend Dr. Stockton to anyone who is considering having this surgery done.”
Shelly – Austin, Texas


“It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am to Dr. Dalton. He literally saved my foot. I sustained numerous injuries from a traumatic car wreck in which I was hit head on at 60 mph. One of the most severe injuries I suffered was the crushing of my left foot. Emergency room doctors immediately told me that my foot would never be the same and that there was a good chance they would have to amputate. They were skeptical that they could even find a doctor willing to operate. Thankfully, Dr. Dalton was willing. He didn’t just repair my foot, he saved it. I knew I was in the best hands with him and the Austin Ankle Associates staff. They treated me so kindly at each visit and truly cared about my successful recovery. I would recommend Dr. Dalton to anyone, and I have!”
Alicia – Austin, Texas


“After a careful examination of my feet by Dr. Stockton and a discussion of what would need to be done to correct a bunion and severe hammer toes on my right foot, I scheduled surgery for October 2013. Not only was I experiencing pain in almost any type of closed-toe shoe, I was constantly trying to find relief for pain in the pad of my foot. Dr. Stockton explained how this pain was related to the hammer toes. Who knew? Obviously not me!

When the surgery on my right foot was completed, Dr. Stockton had not only corrected the bunion and all four hammer toes, but he had also surgically helped to improve the position of the pad beneath the bones in the front of my foot. As the healing process began, I was at the Austin Ankle Associates offices for regular checks. The entire staff treated me like family, responding quickly when I called with concerns and encouraging me with smiles and advice. Dr. Stockton and his staff were very careful and gentle with myfoot as they cared for each step in the healing process.

By the time of my final visit in December, I was ready to schedule surgery for my left foot. That surgery was completed in January 2014, and today I am thrilled when I look at all my straight toes! Three months since that second surgery, there is only a little swelling in my left foot and I continue to heal on schedule without any pain in my feet. I am 75 years old, I go to water aerobics, and we’re even planning a two-week trip to Ireland where I will do lots of walking! I recently saw the friend who had first encouraged me to get my toes straightened. I was wearing sandals, and she commented, Look at your feet, they are just perfect! I can’t think of a better endorsement for Dr. Stockton than that!”
Kay – Round Top, Texas